I remember Belinda to be an amazing dancer & teacher when she was in Australia.  It is fantastic she will be able to pass on her skills to students, they will definitely have a "Perfect Pointe".  Congrats Belle on the opening of your school.
Katrina L. (dance teacher)  
Belinda taught both my daughters Jenna and Callie Roberts,  who both have had a full scholarship to the Royal Ballet School in London.  Both are now dancing with the Royal Birmingham Ballet.  Don't miss out on the chance to have such a wonderful teacher for your children.
Congrats, we know you will do well xxxxx
Sue Roberts
Perfect Pointe School of Dance 1034 N. Citrus Ave. Covina, California 91722 Phone:626-404-2219 Email:perfectpointedance@yahoo.com
I have tried 3 other dance studios in the area and had almost given up! Their classes were so rigid, and strict, my energetic 3 year old completely lost interest. Then I was referred to Perfect Pointe School of Dance. What a difference! Miss Belle (the owner and Ballet teacher) incorporates so much whimsy, fantasy and light heartedness, but also focusing on technique! We have now been going for almost a year, and my daughter couldn't be happier. She is a Baby Ballerina, and also just started the new Hip Hop class! Miss Belle teaches with a joy in her heart and it shows. The studio itself is very charming, clean, and has a waiting room for the parents with a big window so we can enjoy watching our little ones dance. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants their child to fall in love with dancing! Thank you, Miss Belle, Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Marie
Perfect Pointe School of Dance
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My daughter started ballet 4 1/2 years ago, but it wasn't until 2 years ago that I became lucky and found Belle's studio. This was the ballet I wanted my daughter to learn, ballet that would get her somewhere when she is older. The class sizes were perfect for personal instruction as opposed to the class of 12-15 students she was in previously. When my daughter started in Belle's class it was noticeably different. She was going at the pace of her age and not having her do more advanced moves like her other class had. Belle explained the how some studios progress their students far before their bodies would be capable of doing it properly and this could result in injuries. I was relieved to know that her new teacher had a full understanding of what she was doing and worked intently on a move until it was done right just to prevent her students from harm. The RAD curriculum is like nothing I have ever seen but it has great structure which is what my daughter thrives on. She enjoys the music and having it practiced often gives her the confidence so she can rememer the entire exercises and dances. While my daughter loves ballet she tends to be a perfectionist if she doesn't get it just right and can get down on herself. After 2 years Belle has not only worked with her to let her know that it doesnt have to be perfect but knows her so well that just one look on my daughters face and Belle can remedy it quickly so class can continue. I dont think you could get anyone else to understand your kids like Belle does. Some people have what it takes, she's got it and more! I love chatting her up with new parents that aren't as familiar and let them know that this is where their kids should be if they want good, loving, quality ballet instruction.   

Audrey Clark 
Perfect Pointe

I have known Belinda for several years, firstly as a valued student at the Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy. Belinda herself was a beautiful artist that moved an audience when she performed. Later I had the pleasure of Belinda being a caring member of the faculty of the school. I have followed Belinda’s career with intense pride and interest over the years. In 2011 Belinda was enrolled on the tutor course I instructed under the Royal Academy of Dance to learn the new Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Syllabi. Belinda was a role model for many of the others enrolled on the course excelling in the demonstration of this lovely new work as well as she was quick to pick up and retain the choreography. She spoke to me about her passion to teach and I knew any student that would be enrolled under Belinda’s direction would be in excellent hands. Belinda will nurture, inspire and develop the student to be the best they can be as an artist and person.

Congratulations Belinda and all the Perfect pointe students.


Marie Walton-Mahon ARAD
Dual examiner of the Royal Academy of Dance
Creator of the DVD Progressing Ballet technique