Class Attire
Uniforms are required for all classsical ballet classes. Hair must be secured of the face and placed in a tidy bun. Leotard colors are different for classes and ages, these are listed below. Pink ballet tights and pink leather full sole Bloch ballet shoes.No split sole shoes and noo jiffy slippers please. Jazz classes have no dress code, however no mid-frift tops showing the belly or any inappropritae dance wear. 

Baby Ballerina's, Pre-Primary and Primary
Pale Blue Leotard with skirt attached
Boy's - White t-shirt & ballet shorts

Grades 1-3, Turquoise Cap Sleeved RAD approved leotard  
Grade 4-5, Navy Blue RAD approved leotard
Intermediate Foundation and up, Navy Blue or Black RAD approved leotard
Boys - white shirt & black ballet tights

All RAD approved garments are available for purchase at Perfect Pointe.

It is requested that parents/guardians escort their child to and from class. Please use our back entrance and have your child wait in the waiting room before and after class. This room is for parents and students. A looking mirror is provided to view your childs class, please do not peek over the studio door or coach your child during class. Children should be picked up promptly after class.

Tuition is due the 1st of the month and to be paid in full. Payment after the 5th is to be considered late and a fee of $15 will be applied. If you have neglected to pay tuition an invoice will be sent to you with the amount due. A $25 fee will be added for any return checks.  

To ensure that your child stays current with his/her classmates,it is very important to attend class every week. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. If you child has missed a class throughout the month, she/he may make-up the class by joining another class sometime throughout that same month.  

Tuition Pricing
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Tuition is based on one class per week for one month.

Baby Ballerina's - $43 (45 minute class)
Pre-Primary/Primary - $48 (45 minute class)
Grades 1&up - $48 (1 hour class) 

Jazz Class
Baby Jazz - $43 (45 minute class)
Jazz 1 - $48 (1 hour class)
Jazz 2 - $48 ( 1hour& 15 minute class)

Adult Ballet
6 week session of 1 hour classes - $60